Sep 24, 2012

BikeWorks North/EBC

address:  9305 111 Avenue, Edmonton, AB
venue type: Bikeshop/Community Space
cost: free rental
minors: yes
Accessibility: Large open space with wide ramp ( 28” rise to 27’ run ) leading up to the main door. 36" doors, no seating (wide open space), and large gender neutral bathroom ( 37” doorway; 60” clearance in front of toilet 48” clearance beside toilet).
Other Perks: this space is a community-run, minor-friendly, inexpensive option that is close to LRT and Bus (
Close to #5 route (stop ID: 1428 south, 1268 north). On #127 route (stop ID: 1146 east, 1130 west). 


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