Dec 15, 2012

Edmonton Public Library - Idylwylde Branch – Program Room

address: 8310 88 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB
venue type: Library, Program Room
capacity:  40
minors: Yes
Accessibility: This single level building has a completely accessible entrance, no major ramps, and at least 33" clearance to all doors. There are accessible washrooms, with accessible stall, but no gender neutral washrooms. Main doors have power assist. No braille in the building.

The building shares a free parking lot with Bonnie Doon mall, which has accessible stalls. There is a bike lock up. Well serviced by transit, in particular:
Bus stop #2393 - 83 Street and 86 Avenue
Bus stop # 2196 - 83 Street and 90 Avenue

Other Perks:

Sep 24, 2012

Arts-Based Research Studio

address: University of Alberta, 4th floor Education NorthEdmonton, ABT6G 2G6
venue type: Theatre/ Classroom
capacity: 100
minors: Yes
rating: 2 stars 
AccessibilityBuilding has three accessible entrances, north elebators take you to fourth floor. Studio has large doorways, and then is wide open space. Stage is accessible!
There are "theoretically" accessible washrooms just down the hall, though a bit narrow. The building does have other larger washrooms on the main floor. 
Other Perks: The studio is accessible for artists and audiences, although it depends how the seating arrangements are set up.

BikeWorks North/EBC

address:  9305 111 Avenue, Edmonton, AB
venue type: Bikeshop/Community Space
cost: free rental
minors: yes
Accessibility: Large open space with wide ramp ( 28” rise to 27’ run ) leading up to the main door. 36" doors, no seating (wide open space), and large gender neutral bathroom ( 37” doorway; 60” clearance in front of toilet 48” clearance beside toilet).
Other Perks: this space is a community-run, minor-friendly, inexpensive option that is close to LRT and Bus (
Close to #5 route (stop ID: 1428 south, 1268 north). On #127 route (stop ID: 1146 east, 1130 west). 


Oct 19, 2011

Edmonton Public Library -Strathcona Branch (program room)

address: 8331 - 104 streetEdmonton, AB
venue type: Room
capacity: 70
minors: Yes
Accessibility: This venue is very accessible, but has a somewhat circuitous route to access it. Enter the building through the automatic doors to the right and around the corner from main entrance. Either go up the stairs or use the small manual elevator to get to the main floor. Proceed to back left of library to stairs and elevator to go up one additional floor. This entire venue path has 32" or wider clearence.

There are two large gender neutral washroom stalls attached to the room with 33" wide door clearance. There is significant parking nearby, a bike lock up and it is reachable by all 104th street and whyte avenue buses.

HIV Edmonton Gallery

address: 9702 111 ave, Edmonton, AB
venue type: gallery
capacity: ?roughly 100
minors: Yes
Accessibility: This community venue has a very versatile space with gallery, board room and kitchen area. This ground floor (no ramps or elevators needed) space is extremely accessible except for having some narrower doorways: entrance, for example, has 30" clearance and at least one interior door has 28" clearance, only.

Main (gendered) washrooms are marginally accessible. However, there is a gender neutral washroom option near the front entrance that is fully accessible (60"x60" door opens out).

Venue has limited parking, and no bike lock up. It is reachable by bus routes 3, 5 and 9.
Other Perks: Venue is run by local non-for profit and supports local artists and activists. They also have a fully functioning kitchen that can be used for events.


Oct 18, 2011

Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium

address: 11455 - 87 ave, Edmonton, AB
venue type: Room & Theatre
capacity: ?
minors: Yes
rating: 3 stars full venue overview not yet available 
Accessibility: The Jubilee auditorium offers a number of fully accessible venues including the main theatre, a banquet room, and a meeting room (NOTE: rehearsal room is NOT accessible). Theatre includes multiple levels of accessible seating & assisted listening devices. Banquet and Meeting rooms are in the basement and are accessed by stairs, escalator or elevator (route from elevator to basement rooms is circuitous, but well-signed if adjoining double doors are left open). Only one entrance to Banquet room is accessible. Signage on the inaccessible door may help to clarify this.

There are gendered washrooms on the main level and basement, each having accessible stalls that are built to code.

Venue is close to ample paid parking and is near University LRT and bus routes (hospital LRT stop is the closest). Bike lock up and accessible stalls are on the east of the building. The main entrance has curb cuts and push-button doors (30" clearance).

 The venue is extremely committed to accessibility, as demonstrated by the accessibility page on their website (click here).

Expressionz Cafe

address: 9938 70 ave, Edmonton, AB
venue type: cafe
capacity: ?
minors: Yes
rating: 3 stars (if organizers account for curb) full venue overview not yet attached
Accessibility: This is an extremely accessible venue, with wide (34") doors and venue path throughout. The small lip to the entrance has been properly ramped, HOWEVER the make shift concrete block sidewalk from the curb cut to the doorway path is in extremely rough condition. Organizers must put down 32" wide plywood over roughly 8' long sidewalk to make venue accessible. Owners are very open to this, and are working towards remedying this situation.

Washrooms are large, accessible individual stall rooms with grab bars and sufficient door clearence and turning radius. They are currently gendered, but could be easily made gender-neutral for events (strongly suggested).

Venue can be reached by any bus that travels 99 avenue. There is street level parking, some of which can be reserved for accessibility. There is currently no bike lock up.

Other Perks: Venue is a not-for-profit that supports local arts communities and is extremely open and committed to access for all. They offer a generous menu of soups and sandwiches.
  *If organizers account for curb*

Leva Cafe & Bar

address:11053 86 AvenueEdmonton, AB
venue type: cafe
capacity: ?
minors: Yes
rating: 1 star (full audit not yet attached)
Accessibility: Leva is a very accessible, locally owned street-level cafe in the University area. They have curb cuts, light doorways, and the interior is set up quite accessibly.

Gender neutral washrooms are spacious, have grab bars, and are quite accesible except that doors open inwards. The result is that only the smallest, most mobile wheelchairs, will be able to use the washrooms with doors closed. (if this were remedied with a pocket door, this would easily be a three star venue).

There is limited short term free street parking and reserved accessible street parking nearby. Paid university parking, and university LRT and transit can also be used. There is a bike lock up directly in front.
Other Perks: This venue is locally owned, generously supports local artists and has delicious food with vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Robertson-Wesley United Church (Memorial Hall)

address: 10209 123 streetEdmonton, AB
venue type: Church hall
capacity: 236
minors: Yes
AccessibilityThis is an extremely accessible venue. Enter from street level glass door on 123 st. Buzzer to right of door to get in. Turn left to use manual lift to get to level 3 (main level). Venue path and hall very accessible if chairs/tables set up with range of bodies in mind. Church has hearing assistive technology for church services, may be useable for hall.

Accessible, gendered washrooms with wide doors, turning radius and grab bars. Women's washroom on the same floor as hall. Men's washroom up one floor (by elevator) to level 4. 

There are bike racks (in front of Mountain Equipment Coop), many transit options (stop #1746, 1828, 1047, 1098, 1242 -routes listed on full venue overview), and free parking in church parking lot and on street (including accessible stalls).

Other Perks:
Venue is strongly committed to "LGBT affirming" and accessibility of all different kinds. 

Stanley A. Milner Library (Centenial Room)

address: 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, AB
venue type: Room
capacity: 60 (theatre style)
minors: Yes

AccessibilityThis Venue is accessible through two entrances. 1) If the library is open, one can enter the main entrance, use a lift to go up the stairs, turn right and use the small elevator down to the basement. 2) Enter through the library parkade (access by parking down there or by taking street level LRT elevator south west of library). Go to P2 South entrance. Two long ramps lead to basement of library.

There are gendered washrooms with larger stalls and grab bars on the same floor as the Centenial room, however stall doors are only 28" wide, making it fail the bathroom accessibility test. Other washrooms may be able to be arranged.

The Centenial Room (as well as the theatre and Edmonton Room) are accessible, if chairs are set up properly (theatre seating still needs to be audited). Bike lock up, parking (paid, accessible) and public transportation (many buses and LRT) are all readily available.